World Class German Shepherd Dogs

Some very special dogs our family has had the pleasure of having in our lives at one time or another.

V Anchi van Corsalabroek Sch 3 Kkl 1 OFA

International Champion Zuko Nil von Bad-Boll OFA H/E/DM

International Champion Penner von Sachsenring OFA H/E/DM

SG Urmel von Venusmond A H/E

American Champion Midnight Sun's GTO OFA H/E

All of our dogs and puppies are fed The Bones and Raw foods diet, which we feel is the best diet.

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Harry and his sons

Harry and his sons

enjoying our beautiful spring weather

Sorry, we don't have anything available right now, these puppies are all spoken for.

Thank you!


Sable Rock Kennels

World Class German Shepherd Dogs


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